Blog: Well Actually a Vlog

I know I know. I am the least regular person ever. Maybe one day I’ll get into a routine but then life would be boring, yeah? Whatever. So here is the link to my vlog which should be watched before the next blog that goes out even though it’ll probably go out in the next few minutes.

Really, I am terrible with routine. Or now, even sticking to a plan. As life takes its turns and strides, I make my zigs and zags. I have plans A-G currently rolling around in my head and at the same time making the floor plan for my villa in the bush of Chad where I can have a caravan of camels and clowder of cats. But then who would watch them when I find cheap tickets on skyscanner?

Anyways, this will be continued so check back in. In the mean time, watch my late vlog on what has been happening in Bere.