Blog: Coffee is nectar from the gods

Well well well, as we age, apparently routines start to take hold of us. And as we get much older, we try to regulate those routines as much as possible (fiber pills and prune juice anyone?).

Just joking. I’ve never been one for routines, or at least routine routines. Every day of the week is different with the exception of a few things. The first (and currently not happening) is a morning run. Last year I was really good at keeping going. Then all my running partners left one by one and now it’s way to cold (54 the other morning! Yikes!). Second (and currently only routine) is a cup of coffee in the morning. I know and I know, it’s a terrible habit. Caffeine is a drug. I’ll probably get acid reflux at some point. But seriously, as my mother said, it’s like a warm hug in the morning from the inside. Just can’t kick it.

Now maybe if I had fancy koumbachew or açai berries or chia seeds or a bikram yoga studio, I wouldn’t need coffee. But it stimulates my brain in a way that just can’t be replicated. It warms up my engine and keeps it going.

To be exact, it’s Trader Joe’s Organic Fair Trade Five Country Espresso blend or anything from Augies (available in Redlands and Riverside, CA) that works best. It’s like using ultra premium 180 octane fuel (does it even go that high ever?) for a little rinky dinky VW bug. It just rockets off!

Anyway, I’ll just keep sipping away into the New Year and hope my stash keeps my satisfied. *cough cough*

Ps. I started making my bed but already fell of the wagon so I’m back to 1 routine only.

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