Adventure Starts Now!

Well, that may be a lie. Its already week 5 and there have been plenty of adventures causing lack of sleep, great smiles and memories, along with a few “moments,” challenges, and cramming. I can’t believe that time has flown with this velocity. Somewhere along the way I should have hit my stride of Fall Quarter 2012, but I completely missed it.

Like you’ve seen in my past blogs (or you can read them here), I thrive on routines, lists, and time management allowing me to play all the more in between these set items. I just ordered something like 3000 sticky notes, I put up my white board, I have linked my iCal, Google calendar, and Microsoft Exchange calendar all to my phone and to each other but somehow I still can’t drag myself to run or even get to class on time.

Its really just a mind set. Though I have not taken HPRO 509, our health behavior class, I have glanced through the text book and see what I need to do to get myself going: I need a goal. A marathon to train for, a test to study for, a job to work hard for, anything to get me to keep something consistant to wake up and keep a daily routine. It seems easy to do but I’m just not feeling it quite yet.

There is a little bit of that feeling. I’ll do it for a couple of days but then I’ll miss a day and then I am thrown off. But here’s to change. Here’s to keeping that feeling going. To get in that grove and get on that adventure!