About Béré, Tchad

A good part if this blog will be dedicated to my time working in Béré, Tchad, at Béré Adventist Hospital as a project manager in the public health department. Primarily, I will be working on Project 21, a all encompassing malaria program, as well as some clean water initiatives. There will be a mix of assessment, research, general hospital duties, dental work, and community development thrown in to the weekly mix of activities.

Learning about new cultures, languages, and foods will be a gargantuan part of my time here.. Having never been to this region before, I have a lot of learning to do! I’m sure I’ll have to hit the ground running!

2 thoughts on “About Béré, Tchad

  1. Very valuable info. I used it in the classroom today at Feather River SDA School. The students here in a classroom setting 1st through 8th grades are studying Africa. Bere SDA Hospital was a good example of where the “Heart beats the loudest”, in Africa. Such primitive conditions and yet the children make their own fun and work along side their parents using what they have to survive. We are praying for you, and are using the video from facebook also the Project 21 blog of Zachary Gately and Cheris. We pray for better working conditions so the peoples medical, physical and spiritual needs are met. Thank you for your devotion to God’s people and may God keep you safe and healthy. Barbara Gately

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