Doing something is better than nothing!

Since “something is better than nothing” or “done is better than perfect,” I figured I’d update y’all on rainy season. For a large majority of the population of Chad, local and expat, rainy season is the favorite season. But not this guy. It’s always more of a hassle for traveling, way more malaria and other illness, and I can never seem to get my clothes dry. Over all though, it creates a cooler climate and the lush green of the foliage and the dark shades of the clouds create great pictures!

But like I said, traveling is always a bit more complicated in rainy season. Due to dirty water and other stuff getting into the nooks and crannies of my car, I had to replace the clutch kit so we’ll just leave it here in the capital for now. Which means still motorcycles need to be used between Bere and the asphaltes road. The only vehicles that are passing are huge transport trucks that can get through anything. A couple weeks ago, I got stuck in the other truck for 4 hrs one night. Toted fun and all but then after Dr. Bland pulled me out with his winch that wasn’t really working and we got home at 1 am, all I wanted was a crumbly cinnamony dessert like a Costco muffin or coffee cake. But where am I going to find that at 1 am in the bush of Chad? So I settled for a granola bar.

As it has been four years here as of last week, I really should celebrate! But I haven’t found some way to celebrate yet. Maybe tomorrow…Indian? Egyptian? After reflecting on my time here, I realized that I actually accomplished the largest majority of my goals in coming to Chad! Good work experience, amazing family of coworkers, passible French…what else could I ask for in a first job?

But back to rainy season…every year is so different. Here are a few pics showing some of the fun we get ourselves into!

Coming to N’Djamena last week:

Waiting in Bongor

Passion fruit blossoms

Storm blowing in

Bug in the office

Amazing sunsets

Dates at the river

Someone in the bushes

Zachary Gately, MPH
Deputy Director
Adventist Health International-Tchad
+235 68920884
+235 91122492

L’Hopital Adventiste de Béré
ATTN: Zachary Gately
52 Boîte Postal
Kelo, Tchad

2 thoughts on “Doing something is better than nothing!

  1. Hi Zach – great pictures of the rainy season! Those are the pics that no one can take out of your heart and your soul again – ever. Come see us if it is too much and you can get away. Lots of Austrian pastries waiting in the rainy season over here 🙂 Take good care of yourself!

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