Blog: can’t talk so I guess I’ll write!

During my last trip to N’Djamena, I encountered much more dusty wind than expected. Normally these winds begin as the nighttime temperatures drop during the dry months, bring the sand from the Sahara down to us. These winds (as I think I’ve said before) are called the Harmattans and can be quite forceful. During the months of June, July, and August, you can see these winds coming across the Mediterranean. Everything has its season I guess….

Well because of these winds, my sinuses have been working overtime to keep things filtered and they are getting tired. Last night after another 8 hr bus ride, my voice decide it had had enough and would be out of commission. Considering talking, both face to face and on the phone, are a major part of my job (and personality, let’s be real!), it’s been hard to get a few things done today. I strain and sound like I’m from some horror movie, a raspy whisper that sounds like a death rattle (before or after death is yet to be determined!). There’s no pain like in strep or tonsillitis. I just can’t really talk is all.

But the work must go on! Thankfully Magory Dolcy is taking over most of my running around job as of this month. She’s way more organized than I am so it’s really working out well! Tomorrow we have a big New Years party for those working with our programs. Maybe I’ll call in sick….

The major holidays have passed now so hopefully things can be a bit more programmable. Seems like I’ll be in N’Djamena for the month of February! We have many papers that need to get pushed through the Ministry of Health so I’m going to go use my “woo” skills and see where that gets us.

Still in search of the perfect vehicle. I know that shouldn’t worry too much but I still do. I found a number of great ones back in August but lately it’s been tricky to find some with fewer miles. If there’s anyone with words of wisdom for used cars or deep pockets for a new one, please let me know. I’d be very appreciative for your advice and involvement. I’m going back and forth between a Toyota Landcruiser Prado or a RAV4. As you can see, I’ve made up my mind on three things: Toyota, 4×4, and 4 door. After that, I’m lost with the decisions. You can also make your recommendations by sending links from places like and Both have great reputations and I get a trip to Cameroon out of it to pick it up.

Please remember, you can send in your tax deductible donation to either Quincy SDA Church, PO Box J, Quincy, CA 95971 or Adventist Health International, 11060 Anderson Street, Loma Linda, CA 92350. Checks should be made out to either organization, just note the donation is for “Bere vehicle.” You can also make donations via paypal at You’re donations go 100% to this project! No percentage is taken off for other things!

We rely on you for your generous donations to keep many of our small projects afloat. Please share this with your friends, churches and other groups! We are together!

Sunset over N’Djamena.

Zachary Gately, MPHDeputy Director
Adventist Health International-Tchad
+235 68920884
+235 91122492

L’Hopital Adventiste de Béré
ATTN: Zachary Gately
52 Boîte Postal
Kelo, Tchad

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