Being a Responsible Deputy Director

“With great power comes great responsibility.” – Benjamin Parker

Who hasn’t heard this Spiderman line quoted to them as they were excepted into a professional program, had children, or were promoted? Maybe no one but I often think it at these pivotal life events. As for the children part, I’m pretty sure that’s too much responsibility for me still.

But career wise, this promotion is proving to have a lot more responsibility than my previous job. And maybe its because of the great power my boss, Olen, has provided me. The past 5 months since I have been named Deputy Director of Adventist Health International – Tchad have been bursting with career and character developing opportunities. I have met with people I never thought I would meet. I have traveled more to and from N’Djamena-Bere-Moundou more than what seems humanly possible, with schedule delays and motorcycle crashes and lots and lots of waiting. I swear I have become a professional wait-er (not a food server, just someone who waits) sometimes.

So with this promotion and responsibility, it has become evident that I need a vehicle. I don’t make bank here nor can we get car loans. Cash is king here in Chad. The terrain is tough so I need a vehicle that can make it and let me get to where I need to get going.

That being said, I am fundraising for a vehicle.

It can’t just be a beat up little Corolla. We have potholes that become puddles that you could fit the Corolla in! So I’m going for a Toyota LandCruiser. There are several qualities but 4×4 and a diesel engine are needed. AC would be nice for those 112F days. And with what is given, I’ll make the best choice on quality over flash. We don’t want any junk for Jesus here. A safe vehicle with a quality engine and chassis are the goal. Also, this car needs to last for the next Deputy Director as well! So though it won’t be cheap, together we can make it happen. 

You can donate at one of places, just be sure to mark “Bere Vehicle” somewhere :

Send checks to:

Quincy SDA Church

PO Box J

Quincy, CA 95971

Adventist Health International

11060 Anderson St.

Loma Linda, CA 92350

or online:

paypal can be sent to

Venmo can be sent via @zchgtly

Some of you have already donated. Thank you! Those will be included in this as well!

Thank you! Please share. I’ll be in the US soon! So if you have questions, comments, just wanna chat, let me know!

Here are some photos of the bus broken down at 1 am on the way to N’Djamena, a road we use to get to one of the health centers, and after my motorcycle accident.

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