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As I had (nearly) planned, I left the village of my youth Wednesday for the village of my current life. Just there’s a little stop in Boston. We were approved to return to Chad last week which is making all of us breathe a little easier (though maybe not you…).

After all my travels (humble brag, I know…) I never really made it to the East Coast. I went to the Smithsonian aeronautical museum last year during my layover in DC but other than that, the fabulous Chatt-Vegas was as far as I made it East. Now I’m exploring Boston and all the rich history it has. I’m checking out schools for the future and seeing what my (potential) future holds.

These are really the things I miss while I’m living in Chad: exploring experiences. I watched the Harvard quidditch team practice, participated in classes at Harvard, ate cannoli in the North End, hung out with the future leaders of our world, and found time to throw in a few shawarma joints. I miss museums and fine arts. I visited Harvard’s art museum on campus. It had galleries selections from all over the world. There was a great exhibition of Corita Kent, a Catholic nun who did a bunch of pop art in the sixties. There was an East Asian Level which about half of the display could have been from my grandparents’ house with all the Japanese artifacts. There was even an African Art section. Many of the items (tools, baskets, spiritual nicknacks) on display are still currently in use in areas like Chad. Quite quite interesting.

So I have two more full days before I head back to my little Chadian home that I’ll be packing with walking more of the Freedom Trail as well as visiting Tufts university and stuffing my face with cannoli, Boston cream pie, pizza, and Chipotle.

Enjoy the pictures!

Sculling practice

Quidditch practice

The Harvard Yard

Paul Revere

Cannoli from Maria’s!

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2 thoughts on “Blog: on the road again

  1. Zach – take good care of yourself. Dylan keeps me posted all the time, so I am in the loop. We are looking forward to having you with us whenever it fits into your plans and future life – but you already know that! I can imagine that you are enjoying Boston – it is a great place although maybe a little heavy on the history side – which is always a little funny for us where a couple of hundred years means nothing…. 🙂 have a safe trip to Chad and really watch out for yourself! Eva

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    • Eva! Yes, thank you, I will! I hope to make it sooner rather than later but at the moment, I’m the best French speaker here in our compound, which is really scary since I don’t feel that it is sufficient!

      I can agree with you there! I guess they just pack in a lot of history in those “few” years.

      A bientôt!

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