Let’s begin with a little update…

Let’s begin with a little update…

I’m terrible when it comes to being regimented with personal matters without a clear goal. For example, marathon training is super easy because there is a date and you can’t skip a day (remember, shuffling a day is different than skipping!). On the other hand something like blogging (*cough, cough*) has no clearly defined goal. Most of you enjoy (I hope!) reading and seeing what I’m doing but it can be one sided as I don’t always see the appreciation reciprocated.

So I’ll write my own goals and see what happens. I am planning on 3-5 posts a month with at least one dedicated to some photos. With those I’ll probably just direct you to see them on my blog, as it is sometimes difficult to send them via email (and I won’t be filling your inboxes).

Right now, I’m just outside of Nice, France, studying up on my French. It’s been greatly helpful and I have 2 more weeks to go. I have really beefed up my foundation of French grammar (which surprisingly is much easier than I would have ever imagined). Honestly, it just takes practice and now I have the essential tools to do just that.

It has been a whirlwind of a trip without much time outside of class to see the sights. I thankfully ran into a friend from Loma Linda University (Kristina) on her spring break! It’s a small world as always.

I’ll be heading back to Chad April 25, so if you want to Facetime/Skype/Viber, lets do it before then!

Beautiful colors! This was the first day I arrived. Since then it was only yesterday that compared!

Hike to the park that splits old Nice and the port.

Beautiful old ruins at the top of the city. They have nice gardens now. There were four wedding parties there!

My studio!

My view.

The view from my classroom. Normally I have to sit with my back facing it or else it gets too distracting!

Early morning run along the port.

Always great to see friends!

Finally an afternoon to jump in the water! It was the first time I’ve swam in the Mediterranean!

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1 thought on “Let’s begin with a little update…

  1. Keep writing! I appreciate your updates. They are very interesting and well written 🙂 Glad you’re getting a sort of vacation in Nice!

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