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Recently, the president of Adventist Health International and Loma Linda University traveled all the way to visit our little bush outpost here in the heart of Africa. We had a huge event with all the important people from the state and city governments, our own employees, and a large group of volunteers who helped with construction of the nursing school.

It was interesting to see the clash of culture and importance. Grown men were huffy and puffy that they were not the last ones to arrive and everyone was very segregated. I felt sad because I have friends who sat in all 5 places.

-Important government officials were front and center.
-Western volunteers were on their right.
-Local chiefs were on their left.
-Hospital employees were far right.
-Women with little to no education were way off to the side, waiting to help.

I kind of just floated around in my colorful traditional outfit helping with that, saying hello to them. It was fun but also quite stressful.

Thankfully, it went nearly as planned and we received an awesome write up from Dr. Hart. I highly recommend you look it up at: http://myllu.llu.edu/newsoftheweek/story/?id=15069&utm_source=newsoftheweek_email&utm_medium=20140213&utm_campaign=story0

Well, that’s all for today other than I think I had too much coffee. Oh well, such is life in Chad! Take care my friends!

Zachary Gately
+235 91122492

L’Hopital Adventiste de Béré
ATTN: Zachary Gately
52 Boîte Postal
Kelo, Tchad

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